Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dog Stealing Food From Counter

Dog stealing food?

Dog Stealing Food

Dog stealing food or Dog Counter Surfing as it is commonly called, in itself, is very desirable for the dog. Dogs are opportunists and many will try anything once. The dog uses his nose to detect food, something good up above and chooses to put his feet up to inquire closer. When he finds that the yummy aroma is coming from food that is within reach, he takes it. One chump alone isn’t enough so, the dog goes back for more and begins to eat his fill. If we comprehend that dogs do what is rewarding, then we can understand how a dog will persist to steal food until it is no longer giving him pleasure. The fear lies in the fact that he may eat something that can kill him or, if the actions continues, the parent may get frustrated and decide to give up of the dog to a shelter. Either situation is far less than what we want.

Dog Stealing Food Tips

How to stop dog from stealing food?
Set a trap for the dog Make sure to do this while you are home so you catch them. You will need to make a few coin cans (empty pop cans with some of nickels or stones inside and the top taped off to create a loud rattle). Put some good, safe, food out on the table to lure your dog. Put the food near to the lip of the counter and attach a 2 to 3 coin cans to the food and put these to the back of the countertop where your dog won’t detect them right away. When your dog puts his paws up and steals the food off of the counter, the coin cans will come crashing down around your dog. This is your time to come in the room and take the food the dog attempted to take before your dog goes back in to eat what is left on the ground. Your dog will not still be in the room and will be startled by what just happened, if all goes well.

Dog Counter Surfing can be cured in just a few good training sessions. Good luck and enjoy your Turkey Dinner.

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